Are You Ready For Some Christmas?!

Progress is being made and we will be lighting up Black Friday (Nov 25) Night! This years display will have very limited change from last year due to lack of time and budget! 🙂 Sorry for the lack of updates to this Blog, I seem to be updating the Facebook page more frequently simply because it’s more mobile/accessible right now, so be sure to click the “Like” button below to keep updated on G-Town Christmas!


  1. 1
    Tim Says:

    Looking forward to another G-Town spectacular display. Always the best.

  2. 2
    Brian and Laurie Massey Says:

    it was awesome, our girls enjoyed it. Do you take requests, not sure how easy or hard it is, my wife wanted to know if you were able to add Mariah Carey’s song “All I Want For Christmas is You”

  3. 3
    Tyson Says:

    Thanks for coming by Tim & Mary, always great to sit and watch with you, share challenging stories, critique, laugh, brainstorm, and stay warm! 🙂

    Massey’s: Thanks for coming by on opening night! Although I really do like that song, it’s not in the plans for this year at least. I wish it were a simple plug & play, but in reality, it takes on average about 20 hours to sequence a new song.

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