LOR Unboxing

Mini LED Cylinder lights

Well I finally got one of our Light-O-Rama controllers hooked up for the first time last night and tested a few of the lights! How exciting!!!

I’d heard from several people to make sure I tested the different effects on different lights before using them in sequencing songs…..and they were right! I thought the Shimmer effect would be much different, but about the only lights you can easily see there’s an on/off happening, are these little LED short cylinder shaped mini lights. Luckly, they will provide a nice snowflake, shimmer effect that I was hoping! I’ll just need to blackout every 2-3 lights I think because they are spaced too close together. But they are very neat..and really bright!

So I strung around the basement various lights I wanted to test. I plugged in one mini tree (with both red and green in channels), the LED mini cylinders, a string of stars that will sparkle, one of the red C7 LED strings, and a lamp on the floor (so I could turn on a light to see what I was doing). Then I turned on the Chase Sequence on the controller to toggle between what was plugged in…ran upstairs to get the wife to show her!

Natalie came down, saw the flashing from outside the basement door, said “You’re not going to show me CHRISTMAS LIGHTS are you?! Babe…it’s JULY!”

Tyson: “Yeeeaaaaahhhhh….check it out!”

Natalie: “Sighhh…ok, can I go brush my teeth now?”

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