My helper…

Here’s our goofy cat BlueStar. She has this “thing” that if I’m in the basement, she is RIGHT THERE, jumping up onto my shoulders/back! Such a goofy thing, I don’t know what the deal is. So I’m down there testing two cases of LED light strings, she’s on my back, making me Mr. Hunchback by the age of 35! Finally I had to make her a nice little spot and convince her to get down.

Upon more testing of the lights with the LOR controllers, it turns out I’ve got the same problem as many people have been talking about with these lights. My entire case (12 sets!) of green C7 LEDs are messed up! Started out with only 5 being bad, but then when I did a fade on them, it causes every set to then have issues with being very dim, and flickering after the fade. The good thing is I bought them from a place here local, and he’s well aware of the problem. The manufactures in China jacked up badly…recalling everything. Hopefully the replacements will work for this year. We are to have them all replaces after the holiday’s when the 2009 shipment comes in, but these will have to do for now!

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