Making Progress

Well thank goodness for some descent weather, I’ve been able to get a lot of the light hanging on the house done. Most all of it infact! Two more strands of lights of red & green each for the peak of the house and that is it! So much for those two cases of lights! :-O
Spent about 15 hours installing my tracks and putting the house lights in them over this weekend. That’s 20 strands of C7 lights for anyone counting. The remaining 4 strands will be on the peak of the roof…and it’s way too high up for me! Anyone want to volunteer to do this next year?! 🙂
Much more to do, but it’s been good progress this weekend!


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    Bruce Says:

    Very interesting ready. I am looking to do something for next year myself, but this stuff seems pretty pricey. Any idea where I can pick up the short-range FM transmitter? Any info would be great, thank you and keep up the good fight!

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    Tyson H. Says:

    Bruce- Thanks for stopping by! The costs do add up, just like anything these days, but if you plan, have time to shop around, and are thrifty, you can save a lot of money. The biggest thing to remember about getting into computer animated displays is it takes a lot of time….the more you plan, view, experiment, and test….the better you will be! One of the best resources out there are the forums at Planet Christmas

    As far as the FM transmitter, I went with the Ramsey FM 30b. There are many more out there that don’t have as many features and ease of settings, but I got mine assembled and tested from BXiWorld. HobbyTron is another good place to look. But like I said, search on Planet Christmas, as there are always talks about FM transmitters and everything else display related…from the people that are out there doing this stuff.

    Just curious, where are you from?

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    jakeb Says:

    It looks like all of those christmas lighs would take forever to install. how long does it take you to set them all up?

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