About & Directions

Ever since I saw the video of the now famous dancing house of lights(below) by Carson Williams, back in 2005, I too wanted to animate our Christmas lights!

But I really had no idea where to even start such an amazing project! So it just went off as just one of those videos added to my YouTube favorites.
Then in 2006 I got word of a house in the area (The Kryger Family, at 13201 Granada, in Leawood, KS) that had an animated light display…I went there to check it out and was totally entranced! Seeing one of these shows first hand was amazing…something you will never forget! I made up my mind that year that I was going to start my own display next year (2007).  Well….I didn’t quite make it last year….there’s way more involved in doing these displays than I thought, and I didn’t get serious with the project until October! I now know that these displays take a good portion of the year to plan, prepare, and setup. I’m happy to say my quest first went live during the 2008 season.

Our new location will begin Christmas 2018, back in Gardner, KS! Address will be published next year.
“Listen to the Lights” on 100.7 FM from Black Friday to Jan 5.

Hours are nightly from: 5:15-11pm
December 23-26 -5:15-12 (midnight)
New Years Eve 5:15pm-1am

Also, please leave your comments here to know you visited, what your favorite part of the show was, and any feedback or suggestions you might have.

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Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!
Tyson, Natalie & Kevin